Caution: Lashes May Cause Extreme Confidence

What You Want To Know

A little about Holly Lashes:  

Hey babies (it’s ya girl Holly)* Now I know if you’ve followed me on any of my social media you know how obsessed I’ve been with false eyelashes. I took it upon myself to take a dive in a very advanced industry. Personally I know there are plenty of lashes out there, but I wanted to bring the dream lash you just can’t help but stare at, to you personally!  Everything on the market is fairly similar and I wanted my products to elevate you to the next level. The only way I knew how to do that was step up to the plate and create my own line! So that’s exactly what I did! I recruited the people closest to me, with the same type of creative and crazy energy, who could help me bring this little light of mine to life! All of my lashes are mink and 100% cruelty free. I’ve spent endless hours developing these babies exactly how I imagined. This just just the beginning of my great start. My plan is to start slow and deliver and continue to grow, while providing the best experience, lash quality, and service to my customers.

The names behind the lash represent for each occasion and mood you’re in. Almost like a mood ring! When you want to turn it all the way up, I’d recommend throwing on the 'Luxurious Lifestyle' lash. During the days I usually go to my more casual lash -- the 'sweet'n’simple'. Dont get me wrong, I have some dramatic days when Holly just wants to be Holly and I throw on the 'With the drama'

You can get more detailed information of each lash in the description. I will be uploading a how to video and would love to hear feedback and requests! Please don’t forget to hashtag #HollyLashes when you are wearing them so I can enjoy everyones beautiful faces in your Holly Lashes!

Can’t wait to begin this wonderful journey!

Xx Holly

"Ugh I loveeeee my holly lashes"

-A Bad bitch

"I cut my Holly Lashes perfectly to my eye shape, and they look even better than individuals! I'd live and die in these.. for eva-eva."

- Vanessa C.